SpeechExec Pro Transcription – 2 Year License



Workflow management and automation for enhanced productivity

  • Easily monitor and manage the workflow between authors and transcriptionists. Recordings and the resulting written documents are automatically routed to the appropriate person for quicker turnaround times.

Encryption and backup functions for highest security

  • Real-time file encryption (256 bit) and secure file transfer grant only authorized individuals to access documents. The optional automatic backup function protects data against accidental loss.

Automated file download for quick job routing

  • SpeechExec Pro allows authors and transcriptionists to automatically download all their dictations from their voice recorder straight into the software and route to the appropriate destination via their local network, FTP server, SpeechLive or email.

Geared for professional speech recognition

  • Speech recognition software from Dragon can be seamlessly connected with the solution. Whether the author is dictating directly into the software using a Philips microphone or uploading recorded files from a voice recorder, they will receive accurate speech recognition results which will help speed up their workflow.

Always up-to-date

  • While subscribed to SpeechExec you can enjoy all the benefits of software updates. Simply activate the “automatic update” option and everything is done automatically and transparently. This also guarantees that all your users work with the latest version.

Always compatible

  • The SpeechExec updates guarantee total compatibility with all the latest releases of Windows so you never experience interruptions while working.

Always accessible

  • Licenses are now assigned to individual users, not to individual PCs, giving you the freedom to work from your desktop at work or from a laptop off-site. This also allows you to easily reactivate a license in case of a hardware failure.

Personalized support

  • Do you have questions about your SpeechExec solution? Our Philips Certified Partners are here to answer them and help you.

Predictable costs

  • All SpeechExec updates and new features are included in the subscription package at no extra cost, so there won’t be any charges for software upgrade.