Edi-Cord Vision and History

Edi-Cord, a North Bay Ontario-based company, was established in 1973 to provide Healthcare organizations with a solid solution for their dictation and transcription requirements. Over 50 years in the dictation industry has allowed us to view firsthand the evolution of dictation and expand our focus on the Healthcare industry to include the Public Safety and Legal industries as well.


Since its inception over 50 years ago, Edi-Cord has been a family-run business whose sole focus is to provide Northern and Northwestern Ontario with the highest quality in dictation and transcription products. Our service and support are second-to-none. We continue to proudly serve Northern Ontario’s Healthcare, Legal, and Public Safety industries.

In addition, Edi-Cord’s goal for the future is to provide Northern and Northwestern healthcare and legal facilities with an outsourcing solution with the same quality and service as we have been providing in the past.

Edi-Cord offers state-of-the-art dictation and transcription technology, delivering fast and accurate transcription. Our service is customized to meet the requirements of each individual client with a focus on excellent quality. Our customer base continues to expand both in size and scope as a result of our history of customer satisfaction and remarkable retention rates. Our unique pool of qualified transcriptionists allows for Edi-Cord to offer a diverse blend of transcription services.

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