Edi-Cord is a proud sponsor of North Bay’s local youth and men’s football team. We provide technical support and services to the team. From online shopping to digital registration and website services. Edi-Cord is proud to volunteer our skills to help support North Bay’s youth sports.

As a business person, I know that the job can swell up and consume all your time. It is essential to go out and connect with the people in the community. When you invest yourself in the community the rewards will give you a lifetime of memories and the understanding that you are helping build the strength of character for the future.

Edi-Cord has a long relationship with the North Bay Bulldogs and encourages you to catch a game and watch some great football action. You can even volunteer even if you have no knowledge of the intricacies of the game – if you want to be part of the football community we will help you learn or guild you to something that works to your skills.

Coach Clinton.