Dictation Systems Edi-Cord Systems Dictation Solutions

We at Edi-Cord are a full sales and service company specializing in digital dictation systems. Edi-Cord analyzes each client's requirements, establishes clear communications as to the client's goals, and implements measurable solutions. Our technology, combined with our best-in-class support, is the reason why our open architecture solution is the leading choice for healthcare facilities, public safety services, law firms and transcription agencies across Northern Ontario.

Transcription Solutions

Interested in typing for Edi-Cord? Click Here to contact us about opportunities to work from home as a transcriptionist/editor.

Edi-Cord Transcription Solutions Edi-Cord offers transcription solutions that will meet your facilities specific needs. We understand your mission critical documents have to be available to you with accuracy, security, and in a timely fashion. We provide you with a cost effective solution to all your transcription needs with power and flexibility which will exceed your expectations.

Edi-Cord has been a trusted and respected name in the healthcare, legal, and public safety industries for over 40 years.

Systems Integration Edi-Cord Systems Integration Solutions

Edi-Cord also supplies customized Systems Integration Solutions to help you maximize the benefits and efficiency of your dictation/transcription solution. Whether it be integrating your Philips Digital Portable with your existing office network or interfacing a new Fusion Voice system with your existing dictation hardware, our professionally trained staff will do whatever it takes to make sure your solution is seamless.

Business I.T. Solutions Sign up for our affordable business technology management plan and someone you can trust will always be available to keep you working. Flexible pricing and 24/7 availability.
  • On-Site and Remote Support options
  • Pricing to fit your business' needs
  • Purchase consulting
  • Full infrastructure management by trained professionals
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Training and Consulting In addition to full systems integration, we also offer On-Site Training which will ensure that you and your staff know how to make the most of your investment.

From initial Consulting to post-install Training and everything in between, let Edi-Cord take care of your business needs.