Edi-Cord WPS
Sabina Reckzine, Manager - Health Records
Enjoying the Fusion 10 Voice Manager

First Fusion 10 In Canada

In 2008, Edi-Cord Word Processing Systems Ltd. was the first company in Canada to sell the Fusion Voice 10 Digital Dictation System by Dolbey Systems Inc.

Sensenbrenner Hospital in Kapuskasing, Ontario (a customer of Edi-Cord's for over 30 years) received a demonstration of the Fusion Voice 9 Digital Dictation System at the end of 2007. Upon hearing that Fusion Voice 10 would be released before Q2 2008 the hospital opted to purchase the new system before it was released to market. The pre-purchase of the Fusion Voice 10 system demonstrated the long-standing trust relationship between Sensenbrenner Hospital and the staff at Edi-Cord Word Processing Systems Ltd.

Installed in early October 2008, the Fusion Voice 10 system has been serving Sensenbrenner Hospital to great satisfaction by all of the staff.

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