In 1994, Edi-Cord was first to introduce the Digital Voice Inc. Dictation products to the Canadian marketplace.


DVI was founded in 1989 with the goal of managing voice, text and data on industry standard hardware and software. In the first 5 years DVI delivered over 4,000 dictation systems to the market. DVI was also the first major digital dictation vendor to market a product specifically designed to work with Windows NT. This was the birth of VoicePower. DVI's VoicePower solution was released two years ahead of any competitive technology and remains one of the leading industry leaders in the Document Management arena.

VoicePower has proven installations including 6 of the top 8 "America's best Hospitals" (U.S. News & World Report). DVI's client base also includes major transcription service companies, clinics, public safety agencies and law offices.

DVI, located in Joplin, Missouri, is a wholly owned subsidiary of MedQuist, a publicly traded company focusing on the medical transcription industry [NASDAQ: MEDQ].

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